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    [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread


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    [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

    Message par Stouf le Ven 13 Mar 2009 - 1:32

    Hi english G50 users and welcome on this small piece of France !
    Feel free to register and post in the forums, we can understand english for the most part...

    Here you can post every remark or problem you encounter with the PipBoy 2 beta. It will help to finish this version and release it to the public. Smile
    I thank you to report every mistake that I could have done while writing and traducing this short user manual, and every bug you find in the program clown

    What is in this PipBoy 2 beta package :

    • 3 fonts (needed)
    • script
    • plugins
    • driver
    • English and French langage files
    • PipBoy Companion (not really multilang yet but i'm certain it's simple enough to understand)

    You will need Everest Ultimate, Fraps, and of course LCDhype L73J28DR

    PipBoy Installation

    I - First, install Everest and configure it :
    in Everest préférences :
    Stability : tick 2,4,5,6,11 boxes, untick the others
    External apps (or whatever it is called) :
    - check box 1, uncheck the others.
    - In the list, check "CPU speed, "CPU temp" and "GPU diode"
    It's not necessary to activate "load with windows", it's driven by the script.

    II - Next, install Fraps and start it.
    In settings menu, General tab, check the 2 first boxes, uncheck the 3rd one
    FPS tab, check 'Disables' box and uncheck the others

    III - Now, let's install the fonts :
    Press win+R on your keyboard, enter 'fonts'
    Drag the 3 fonts in this directory

    IV - Finally, LCDHype :
    1) install LCDhype 0.6
    2) Copy the content of the LCDHype directory (update) to the place where you installed LCDHype
    3) Start LCDHype, configure it like the screenshots :

    Here, click on 'advanced options' :

    Choose your prefered key combination for the PipBoy fonctions.

    V - Now, launch the PipBoy Companion, it is located in %Program Files%\LCDHype\scripts\PipBoy2\Companion.exe
    On the first page, browse and find 'en.lang' file. It's in the same directory.
    Continue the configuration and accept when it's done.

    VI - Now, return to LCDHype and launch the PipBoy script (%Program Files%\LCDHype\scripts\PipBoy2\

    You should see your new PipBoy instead of the ugly DirectConsole screens Smile

    Basic use

    Old screenshots from 1.13.13, but it's not really different now :

    When your PipBoy is started, you can use your key combos to control it :

    - LEFT, RIGHT : switch mode
    - UP, DOWN : change screen inside the mode (except in options page) or change option in options page (in options page)
    - SP1 : Enable/disable autochanging of pages (except in options page) or choose option (in options page)
    - SP2 : Call/exit otions page

    Alerts :

    - Critical CPU temp
    - Critical GPU temp
    - Critical CPU & GPU temps

    Popups :

    - Mode change
    - Autochange on/off
    - Volume change (XP only)
    - Volume Mute (XP only)
    - Wifi on/off
    - Ethernet on/off
    - AC line on/off
    - CPU speed change (change > 50Mhz only)

    Special fonctions :
    - Screen autochange and screensaver to minimize OLED burnin effect
    - Normal mode switches automatically to Gaming Mode if GPU or CPU temps reaches level 1
    - Control of everest and fraps on loading, basic error control (if you see 'Everest error' on loading, don't panic, it can take a few seconds to initialize. The PipBoy will start when everything is ok... Or will stay stuck there, and you'll need to verify Everest setup).
    - Every usefull fonction is configurable with the PipBoy Companion

    Troubleshooting / FAQ

    - "Problem with Everest" on startup : please let Everest initialize itself, and the PipBoy will continue loading. It it stays stuck there, you should check your Everst setup.
    - No volume popups : you're using Vista, right ?
    - Annoying CPU change popup : The script is working the way it should, with a builtin 50Mhz error margin. Your PC is not. Check your PC.
    - Empty boxes in the second clock screen (normal-2) : is Wifi connected ? Is Ethernet plugged ? Is AC line plugged ? Is your CPU overclocked ? These are the 4 ipossibles icons for the 4 boxes... Check your PC...
    - PipBoy doesn't report any infos about wifi and/or ethernet : check the name of your adapters and copy them in the PipBoy companion, last tab. It should resolve your problem
    - Can I control case cover leds ? Not for the moment
    - How can I stop the old DirectConsole screens appearing ? Stop using DirectConsole, they are not compatible. Isn't the PipBoy far more better ? Smile


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    Re: [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

    Message par StefUb le Jeu 16 Avr 2009 - 21:57

    I switch to this version and here is my problem: it concerns he time and date on the clock page

    How can i correct this?

    Thank you


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    Re: [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

    Message par Fantomette le Ven 17 Avr 2009 - 0:39

    Hi StefUb

    I had the same problem !

    In your LCDHype\scripts\PipBoy Folder, open "Companion.exe"
    In Companion, Info in top, "Parcourir" button and open "en.lang" close and restart LCDHype !

    Bye !


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    Re: [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

    Message par StefUb le Ven 17 Avr 2009 - 19:28

    I tried that but without succes, however i went to change the setup.ini and it work


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    Re: [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

    Message par mirp le Mer 2 Fév 2011 - 16:02

    ive tryed this on my g50vt-x1
    And the LCD is stuck at: nex CPU speed: Mhz(-100%)

    What do?

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    Re: [EN] The PipBoy2 beta1 english thread

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