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    Operation Flashpoint


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    Operation Flashpoint

    Message par Stouf le Mar 23 Jan 2007 - 19:58

    Quelques petits liens pour le moment :

    Amelioration graphique
    DxDll (rajout d'effets graphiques)
    Team BF

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    Re: Operation Flashpoint

    Message par Jarod le Mer 24 Jan 2007 - 15:33

    Mods à installer:

    FFUR 2.0

    New realistic Gameplay enhancements. (ammunitions, explosions, AI, infantry loadouts, etc)
    New Visual improvement Aspects, and a updated set of new and improved models.
    Very Realistic Sounds and New Music soundtracks.
    New Animations with the addition of a new death anim.
    New Interfaces and new mission editor GUI.
    Effects done the most realistic possible way, featuring the ability to blow up turrets.
    New lighting and reflection effects.
    Several new extra additions (ACU soldiers, BTR-80, M82, OSV-96...).
    The added Ability of playing online with a MP config.
    All bugs and other issues fixed.
    All addons have been decompressed to further reduce lag and frame rate difficulties.

    Islands Pack

    -New replacement islands for BIS ones, they use Q 'High
    Reso Textures' and 'Berghoff' trees, these islands bring a more
    immersive gaming experience and don't cause any lag issues.

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